but I've been described as crafty and resourceful. If you have enough faith in my abilities, go ahead and email me and maybe I can do it for you. But check out some of my side projects and previous hat requests. Apart from making things for myself (and friends & family) I've been commissioned to do other things such as...dun, dun, dun, dun!!!!

team magma hoodieTeam Magma Hoodie
Although stuck in the 80's with the cropped style ^_^ it still is wickedly cute. Burgundy anti-pill fleece with black microfleece accents, for AS the pokemon master!

team aqua bandanaTeam Aqua Bandana
With all the hats I own, it's been a while since I've worn a do-rag. But I could easily picture myself in this wholesome pirate (is there such a thing?) headwrap--probably when I head for the beach this summer. Again for AS the "two-teaming" pokemon master ( ^_^ jk!)

gourdbeanieHyoutan Beanie
Thanks, Jeremy for this design--it completes my Gaara trio of hats! I doubt I'd want to make another one of this though because it was EXTREMELY painstaking to cut out and sew all the details (T_T) ...so there's a OOAK hat for you!

With an energized color-scheme I'd say this� critter's been eating radio-active carrots. For LS--just in time for Halloween 2005. I took the photo before putting on the white puffy tail maybe I'll get to make another.

Shirt / Pullover like Lain's
I like this one a lot. It can be worn by itself or in layers like you would a pullover sweater. I took a modified shirt pattern (with mandarin collar) and happily put this together using amaretto (that's the color) linen-like material. I couldn't read what the badge or patch on the arm said so I just used the quote I had on it. I used a permanent fabric marker.

Domo-kun Hat with brimCP's got style! He requested a Domo-kun hat with a small brim.
I like it, I like it, I like it a lot! You might have seen those knit beanies with a narrow brim. Trying to replicate them using fleece, I was rather daunted at first. The experiment took a couple of tries and thus it was completed 11 February 2005.

Chii Earmuffs completed 10 December 2004
I bet every commissioner has done a pair of Chii ears ^_^ and my turn came inevitably. Good thing I got to render it in a different way and really cool, too. This is a custom mod of a pair of store-bought earmuffs. I removed the original cover and re-dressed them up in grand Chobits style.

Sephiroth Slumber SetSephiroth travel slumber set completed 29 November 2004
Chance was looking for something different and�took a chance with me. After a brainstorm, I accepted this commission for a travel slumber set. This features a silhouette of Sephiroth on one corner of a fleece throw. The matching pillow has the Kanji logo for�Shin-ra Electric. Both pillow and blanket fit in a sheer gray bag that gives you a preview of the goodies inside. I used imported micro velour fleece�(which I found on ebay) for this project--really sturdy and finer than the ones you'll find in stores.

original nekobi design hat27 June 2004 commission accepted from nekobi for her original hat design
Completed July 3 and shipped July 6
Hat is made with charcoal grey microfleece and lined with lycra microsuede, suppi-chan-like eyes, paw prints and inner ears are red suedecloth, light grey suedecloth for the cheeks and inner earflaps. Wings are layers of white fleece, interfacing and felt.

I guess I "subconsciously" accepted the commission for this one ^_^ A little angel has asked me for an owl hat, but it didn't stick to my head until the opening day of Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban loomed before me. So the owl hat, along with the simple golden snitch hat, was hurriedly put together (no lining). They were finished the same day and were worn to the opening night a few hours later.

Hedwig Hat is made of white double-sided anti-pill fleece. The hairy eye rounds were cut from faux fur to resemble an owl's face. I was asked to make a snowy owl hat and the bulb up there didn't light up until I thought of Harry Potter ^_^ The collar was added to break up all the white (based on a Hedwig stuffed toy).

Golden Snitch Hat is made of golden yellow double-sided anti-pill fleece. The wings are multiple layers of white fleece, buckram and felt.

Homestar6 April 2004 commission accepted from sailornaboo
Homestar Runner hat
Strong Bad hats

Strong BadGirly-type baseball cap pattern used for Homestar. Other parts are "stolen" from a regular baseball cap and then restructured. This picture shows an alternate red propeller. Main cap for Strong Bad is red fleece. Mask or face piece is constructed from felt with fusible interfacing.
These hats will be worn during this year's Sakura Con. Pictures coming soon in the Bearspotting gallery.