I was into FRUiTS before it came to American shores...but years of wearing uniforms eventually tamed my wardrobe (from kindergarten to my earliest jobs). So what would you call mature FRUiTS? Overripe? Rotten? Moldy? Bruised? NAH! They get reinvented into jams or preserves--a great addition to boring buttered toast! And so we go back to the point of this page...

Cosplay items you can wear everyday

I want to cosplay so bad but I cannot really attend all the anime conventions. So I've decided to make cosplay an everyday event. I'm sorry to say that you won't find elaborate stuff here. They're more like realistic clothing that your favorite anime characters wear when they are not posing for a DVD or manga cover ^_^ and I'm inviting like-minded people to present your costuming needs and I'll see what I can do.


Gaahh...another hat site! What makes you different?

I could probably come up with a few reasons, my top five being:
5. I'm a dabbler by nature. I like to experiment and I don't just make hats. I just haven't posted the photos of my other projects yet.
4. This website is a showroom for my fanart and not set up as an online store. I don't think I'm prepared for the responsibilities of being a store, so as it is, you are not a customer and you're not always right. You are requesting me to make something for you so be nice and you'll find out that I'm actually a good natured person ^_^
3. Since I'm not a store, I'm not conditioned to crank out hats. I don't sell pre-made items but I'd auction some that I am willing to part with. I work on a project in "trickles", so progress could be spread out for a few days. This method turns out pieces that actually look like a great deal of effort has been invested into them.
2. I accept service or art trades (and anything in my wishlist) or charge a reasonable amount for commissions. And considering reason #3, apparently my time is pretty cheap T_T If I cover the cost of materials and time lost to trips to Jo-ann, Hancock Fabrics, and Walmart, I'm content.
1. I wanted a hat for myself but I didn't want to wait a month for one. Only friends can wait that long and I've certainly made my friends wait longer just so that I can finish your hat. And for the same price as other commissioners offer, I thought I could make a hat faster with better quality materials.

I want a hat. How do I make one?

Check the TIPS&Tricks page for instructions on how to make your own fun fleece hats with animal ears.
Incidentally I am working on my own tutorial. I've been asked a lot so I figure it's time for one ^_^ but please bear with me. It'll take a while but I would probably get it up and running just in time for you to make a handcrafted Christmas present for your friends.

Well, I want a hat but I can't sew to save my life. Can you make me one?

Unless it would entail scalping somebody, I don't see why I can't be up for the challenge. Email me with the following info and I'll see what I can do:
1. design, including color scheme
2. size (check the TIPS&Tricks page for instructions on how to measure your head)
3. date when you want it done

...And I'll email you back with a quote and schedule. It takes me one full day to work on a hat but there might be other jobs ahead of yours. If we agree on it, I can send you a Paypal request and you may initiate payment at your convenience. I don't actually start sewing until I receive confirmation of payment, but sometimes I'm trusting enough if I sense that a person actually intends to pay for a requested item. Any unclaimed commissions will be liquidated at any of our scheduled conventions. (I will give about 30 days)

Shipping to the US are as follows:
$5.00 for the first 3 hats and $0.75 for each additional hat
$5.00 for 1st shirt and $1.00 for each additional shirt
$8.50 maximum shipping charge for any number of items
I do accept international orders. Please email me for shipping rates.

A note on emails: If you have emailed me and have not received a response within 3 days, please check your spam or bulk mail folders. Some programs trash emails from senders not in your address book.