These are hats with character and not just character hats. Because they were all handmade with care and meticulous detail (I do a lot more unravelling than sewing ^_^) I've imparted my own "genes" in them that I sometimes refer to them as my babies. Naturally the hats you make will have your own DNA imprints as well so they can never compare to another person's creation. Aaaahhh...the beauty of DIY! Please check the COMMISSIONS page for more hats and simple projects you can make.

Caution: Though the hats you see here look like they should sit atop children's heads, I've designed them to fit me, a responsible adult. There are buttons that pose choking hazards for little kids and I'm not so sure about the flammability of the materials used either. They are basically meant for cosplay, and not sleep wear.

Bomber Bear - Winter 2005-2006
Originally made for a masculine bear up north, the clean lines on this hat make this an instant classic. It's irresistibly cute without trying too hard. It's made of moleskin (suede-feel fabric with a bit of stretch) and it's fully-lined with anti-pill fleece. This took 3 tries to perfect (T_T)

Tenshi Cat HatTenshi Kitty Hat - Winter 2004-2005
I found some interesting tie-dyed fleece and I thought that I should make something angelic with the material because of the wispy blue simulating clouds. So here's a cat hat with wings. And to complete it I embroidered the Kanji "tenshi" (angel) onto the hatband.

Shinigami Kitty Hat - Fall 2005
Shortly after I made the Tenshi Kitty, I decided that it should have an opposing force. But equally cute and wickedly adorable. Black kitty hat with purple bat-like wings and the Kanji reading "shinigami" (death god)

Battle-scarred Cat HatBattle-scarred Kitty Hat - Winter 2004-2005
This cat is a reflection of my personality -- been around the block and still standing. Black cap with graphite grey accents, the left ear nipped and an "x" mark where the right eye had been. Not your usual kitty hat but definitely oozing with character. I attract double double takes when wearing this one ^_^

Reversible SD BeanieSuper Deformed Beanie - Halloween 2004
Well this hat is not deformed, but the wearer--I'm small and I have a big head ^_^ The only thing missing is the manga-perfect comic moment. This is a reversible beanie made with sport micro suede. One side bears the universal anime mark for anger and the other a prominent sweatdrop. I came up with this design to cover my mood swings. It's instant cosplay that fits in my pocket. So why the 3-pronged mad mark? It's as unique as myself, kinda like the 3 and 4 leaf clovers. Go read more manga!

Gothic Panda HatGothic Panda hat - Spring 2004
Pandas are irresistible and almost a staple in every FRUiTS inspired wardrobe. So I had to make one just suited to my taste--not overly cute with a bit of a sharp edge. This fleece hat is made with white anti-pill polar fleece with black suedecloth and fleece accents. The eyes are pearlized dome buttons and the nose like toy makers use for stuffed animals. The black eye patches are specifically shaped to achieve the gothic look. I've made this in regular panda eye markings as well.

Naruto's Sleeping CapSleeping Cap - Winter 2004-2005
I've been bugged to death until I made this and so I did. Naruto's hat seems to change expressions with his moods, but I like the mad eyes because that's how I wake up most mornings XD . This is made out of charcoal fleece with white fleece and suedecloth acents. The pompom end is handmade using the same fleece so it can withstand repeated washings. The nose is black suedecloth and stuffed to give it dimension. I made this one to wear outdoors but I suppose it could actually be worn to bed. It will contain all my hair in the least and clean-up would be a breeze. Plus its EASY cosplay -- just add pajamas!

Aviator Bear Hat -- Just like DJ Lain's!Brown Bear Aviator Hat - Winter 2003-2004
A first look at the Cyberia Mix Serial Experiments Lain CD cover put me in trance thinking..."gotta have that hat...gotta find one...can't find decent one so gotta make me one" So I bought some suede-like fabric and camel anti-pill polar fleece and experimented until I came up with the ultimate teddy bear hat. The eyes and nose are shankless buttons and are sewn flat on the fabric. Note the functional snaps on the dual layer fleece earflaps--this is not just for cosplay but actually made to withstand a blizzard. Can't bear to lose such a cute hat! I've also made this without the earflaps in blue and pink for newborn baby gifts.

Floppy Bear Ears Cap"Bearet" - Summer 2004
This is a newsboy cap with bear ears like Lain's bear hat that she wears in the first layer of Serial Experiments Lain. It is made with the same brown suedecloth I use for the aviator style bear hat but I've also made this in black for a friend. I'm into the kawaii look with a bit of reservation so I thought this hat would be perfect--stylish yet just has enough spunk to it that would definitely make heads turn.

Pink Aviator Beanie -- Just like Lain's!Pink Aviator Beanie with bear patch - Winter 2003-2004
Similar to the hat Lain wears in the opening credits of Serial Experiments Lain, this hat is dear to me since it represents the innocent and "unawakened" Lain. I made this with baby pink double-sided fleece with bubblegum pink micro fleece for the starburst accents. This hat is fully-lined with the same soft and lightweight micro fleece. Yellow felt bear patch has washable plastic mini buttons for eyes and nose. I've sewn Velcro on the chin straps on mine since I don't want it to get blown off like Lain's. I dig Abe sensei, man--should've been a fashion designer too!

Kumagoro HatKumagoro Hat - Easter 2004
This is my hat of choice around Easter since it really suits the occasion. My partner in crime Kumagoro (tongue retracted since he's not a squealer) just sat looking so cute on top of my head while I was "hunting" candy from other kids' baskets. This is made of soft and silky smooth bubble gum pink micro fleece and lined with a satiny material that stretches with the cap. It also features a wide hat band that can be worn turned up or pulled down with eye-catching, face-slapping 15" long floppy ears.

Team Neko Ball CapKuroneko Baseball cap - Summer 2004
I play ball myself so I made this team neko baseball cap my official summer of '04 head gear! I wore this to the games, camping, playing and even cooking (I hate the smell of the day's dinner on my hair) This is a mod of a really high quality baseball cap (to begin with) of acrylic-wool. The blue patch is cotton twill while the cat face is black suedecloth with embroidered eye appliques, also in suedecloth, stiched down nicely without any wrinkles that it looks and feels natural on the hat.

Takun's HeadbandTakun Headband - Spring 2004
In the words of my road tester, this is "geekishly cool". I would have to agree. I like wearing this earflap headband when I don't want my hair ruffled by a hat. Keeps my ears warm and my head cool. Ride on shooting star!

Gloomy Bear HatNaughty Adult Bear - Winter 2004-2005
Fans of the anti-cute will easily recognize this oh-so-kawaii beanie, but ssshhh...don't tell everyone. I like to lurk under this Gloomy Bear hat and sport the personality of my cat (he likes to hide in the shower curtains and claw at his half-awake victims). Note that this one isn't blood-stained yet. The cleaner the meaner ~_^ This is made of bublegum pink micro fleece with baby pink micro fleece inner ears and fully-lined with a satiny material that stretches with the cap.

Ai Tattoo Beanie - Halloween 2004
OK I'm not exactly enamored of Gaara of Naruto but he sports a cool tattoo. And I'm not about to deface my own forehead either. But since his tattoo is the Kanji for "ai" I can wear this around my parents and say hey...that means love. ^_^ Little do they know that I have a mean streak once in a while and I root for cool anti-heros and villains. Black sport micro suede is the only material for this, oh no, not the sissy fleece for the wicked Gaara. And the design is cut from suede cloth and painstakingly appliqued onto the hat.

Angry Kitty HatAngry Kitty Hat - Winter 2004-2005
The growing aneurism on the forehead qualifies this hat into this category. In honor of my favorite stray cat, I wear this every now and then. Made of the perfect orange micro fleece with light yellow fleece inner ears. The angry mark is cut (freehand to achieve a hand-drawn manga look) out of red suedecloth and machine appliqued onto the hat. It is lined with a satiny material that stretches with the cap.

Domo-kun Beanie - Halloween 2004
He's not exactly a meanie but the teeth are there for unsuspecting onlookers. This hat says "I'm cute but I'll bite your head off. Be nice to the KITTENS!" ^_^ Domo-kun is made of chocolate anti-pill fleece. The mouth and eyes are cut from suede cloth and machine appliqued. I like the addition of the "twinkle" in his eyes--makes him look more adorable.

Namekian HatNamekian hat - Spring 2004
I've seen some daring cosplayers paint their heads green, but I'm a little imp so a green head covering would do well for me, thank you ~_^ To the uninitiated this might be a bug of some sort but the otaku in you know that I am a cool alien from the Namek. This is made with apple green double-sided polar fleece with detailed stitching on the pointed ears and posable antennae.

Oh Totoro HatTotoro hat - Spring 2004
Hey I love Totoro. I'd love to sleep on his cushie belly but since I can't he can just watch over me from up above and "growl" when I need a foghorn to keep me awake. This is made with soft grey fleece and lined with satiny stretch velour. Eyes are patches of felt with plastic buttons, whiskers are embroidered. The bigger photo shows a detachable felt camphor leaf (for when it rains, silly!)

Ryo-ohki Cabbit HatCabbit Hat - Winter 2004-2005
I love cats and I love rabbits, can't make up my mind so I chose a cabbit! This is made from chocolate anti-pill fleece for the shell. The inner ears have bubblegum pink micro fleece and white faux fur (with the feel of real hair). Oh, and the red acrylic faux gem completes the look. You just might catch me stealing or planting carrots in this one.

Kirara tails hatKirara Tails Hat - Spring 2004
This is made of pale yellow double sided polar fleece with black suedecloth ears and accents. Inner ears are made of baby pink polar fleece. The attention-grabbing tails (attached at the back base of the hat) are no less than 15 inches long and a great accessory for shutting up a Jaken or Myoga in your cosplay group. The long tails double as a scarf for the winter. Also available sans tails (or no tails)

P-chan HatHOG Hat - Summer 2004
This mad black pig (HOG for you Harley fans) is rendered as a stylishly adorable hat made of black suedecloth and designed to be worn as a close-fitting cap very much like the headwraps that bikers prefer. It is lined with sport microsuede for perfect fit and comfort. Thin wires are embedded in the ears for poseability. The hat band is styled like the scarf that Ryoga or P-chan wears.

Kirara winter setKirara Winter Ensemble - Fall 2004
Uber kawaii! Kirara hat with the distinctive forehead mark, a pair of paw mittens and a double layered scarf bearing Kirara's tail markings.