Since I feed my anime addiction and what not by taking on commissions, it'll save me a step if I just ask for what I actually want. I don't have enough time to watch ebay auctions these days. So check my list and see if you have any of these things that you don't need anymore. See, you don't have to sell your soul for a hat ^_^

  • Far From The Maddening Crowds CD by Chicane. I have mp3's of my favorite cuts from the CD but lost it in a move. I'd like to get the original CD.
  • Original (by Victor) Future Blues CD (Cowboy Bebop OST) with the Cowgirl Ed CD insert.
  • Trigun authentic region 1 DVD's with the collectible chrome inserts/cards, preferably NEW but mint condition would work just as good. I need volumes 1, 3, 6. 1 DVD = 1 hat
  • Tenchi Muyo Ultimate edition region 1 DVD
  • Old, used pair of black high top Converse Chuck Taylor's--broken-in but not too grungy, and made in the USA not the new ones that are manufactured in Korea or China. Size 5 mens/7 womens
  • 256 MB SDRam PC100 CL2 non-ECC non-Registered Kingston, Crucial or any other reputable brand

This list will continuously be updated. Please email me for propositions. I collect Harry Potter, Galaxy Express 999, Totoro (and everything Miyazaki), Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist and Naruto.